Chicken frozen empanadas X10 Units


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Crunchy and full of flavour are the two main ideas that come to our minds when we think about Colombian Empanadas. This delicious fry-filled pastry is a popular snack in Latin American restaurants and street food. In every culture are equivalent examples in India, the similar could be the samosas, China has the spring rolls or dumplings, and Europe has the rolls or pies. But those empanadas are different due to the base, corn (Maize), the sacred plant from Mesoamerican cultures. It allows us to enjoy a gluten-free entry.

How to cook:

Option 1:  With a fryer, heat the oil to 180 Celcius then, drop the empanadas for 3 to 4 minutes directly from the frozen package.

Option 2: Put the empanadas in an Air Fryer covered with a slim brush of oil, cook for 10 minutes. Turn around the side cooked and start the fryer for another 10 minutes.



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